Alba Paris Art is an online clothing store created in 2015 by me, Alba Paris Broussard and my husband Michael Broussard, after realising that my first work, that I created in 2014, "We Can Do It! Go vegan", was inspiring and empowering thousands of people around the World, to make a change and save the animals.

My journey started in 2000 when I opened my eyes and I decided I will never contribute to the suffering of any being again and became a vegetarian. I volunteered on Animal Rights ORGs and animal shelters, created an animal rights group and I saved stray cats from the streets of Madrid, Spain. In 2010 I realised that I was still harming others by eating egg, cheese and honey so I stop consuming all animal products and became a vegan, trying to cause the least harm possible.

Our mission at Alba Paris Art is to create awareness over animal cruelty and to help our fellow earthlings to adapt a more compassionate lifestyle so that together, we can save the animals. We know that every time you wear our clothing you will inspire others to fight for them.

We make meaningful clothes for a good cause, because every time you buy from us, you are giving back to the most helpless and innocent beings, the animals. We do this by donating 10% of our proceeds to a different organisation every month.

[Check our "Giving Back" section to get more information about the Animal Rights Organisations and Animal Sanctuaries we donate to.]

No matter if you are a vegan, vegetarian or cruelty-free advocate, they say that an image speaks more than a thousand words so purchase our original merchandise and let it be the voice for the voiceless.