Hey!! Welcome to my store!!!

My name is Alba Paris, I'm from sunny Spain but I live in Los Angeles, California with my husband Michael and our 2 kitties. I create art to empower my fellow vegans and inspire others to live a compassionate lifestyle, by leaving animals off their plates and into their hearts :) 


Let me tell you a bit more about myself and why this journey is so important to me. 

Everything started in 2000 when I watched a video of a horse being slaughtered. I was just turning 18 and I just realised I couldn't eat animals anymore, so I became a vegetarian. I volunteered on Animal Rights ORGs and animal shelters, I created an animal rights group and online forum to connect with likeminded people and organise protests against circuses, against bullfighting among many others, and I also rescued stray cats

But in 2010, after watching videos about the dairy industry and how they kill babies so that humans could drink their milk, videos on how we are killing the bees with diseases, pollution, pesticides  and fungicides and how we kill baby chicks on the most horrific ways so that we could eat eggs, I realised that I was still harming others so I stop consuming ALL animal products, and bi-products and became a vegan.


The reason why I created this store, is because in 2014, after publishing my first vegan illustration, called "We Can Do It! Go Vegan" thousands and thousands of likeminded people from all over the World shared it and loved it. So I thought to myself, "Hey! I can do this, I can inspire people to be kind, to have compassion, to go vegan!" and my new journey began.


Is very clear to me, that without YOU there will be no me! (well at least I wouldn't be able to create my artwork) 😜 Is because of you that I can share my message far and wide and inspire and empower likeminded people and help others become vegan, vegetarian or cruelty-free advocates. 

When you wear my apparel, use my bags, wear my caps, hang my artwork and someone asks you about it, you can start conversations about animal rights, the importance of being cruelty-free or why you are vegan. Because YOU have the power to change the World and together we can achieve it!


Giving back is probably the biggest reason I create and sell my artwork. The people that are giving their lives to protect and care for the animals inspire me and my journey every singe day. 10% of my proceeds go to the them and their incredible missions, so that they can keep on saving lives.

So every time you buy any of my products or my artwork, you know that you are also giving back to the animals.

[Check my awareness section to get more information about the Animal Rights Organisations and Animal Sanctuaries I donate to.]

No matter if you are a vegan, a vegetarian or a cruelty-free advocate, they say that an image speaks more than a thousand words so gear up and be the voice for the voiceless.